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Group Topic: Promoting Healthy Lifestyles in Teens/College Aged Students

Group Members: Linda Khezrie, Sari Ades, Sally Mizrachi, Della Mizrahi

Roles: Linda- Liaison between our cause and other organizations/professionals

Sari- Outreach and Distribution

Sally- Campaign Literature (ie: slogans, catch phrases, PR Statements)

Della- Event Coordinator

Potential Organizations:

Goals: To both educate and promote the methods and benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle. We want to teach people who lead busy lives that there are sustainable, proactive ways of keeping healthy. Our motto: You get what you give, so give it all you’ve got!

Audience: Our intended audience is College students. Most students don’t have the time, money, energy, or education to lead healthy lives. We want to show them that the resources are out there and teach them how to take advantage and change their lives.

In this day and age tons of people have a negative relationship with food and their bodies. People have stopped respecting their bodies and started to abuse and malnourish themselves, which can be detrimental. The more this generation leans on media and celebrity images, the more people generate fear and hatred towards their own bodies. The issue of eating disorders has been publicized for a while, so many tend to overlook it or think that somebody else is taking care of it. The only way that we can prevent eating disorders and promote healthy body image is by all supporting this issue. One of the main reasons girls, boys, men, and women develop these eating disorders is because their trying to fit into a mold that society deems “normal”. The only way we can change this mold is by trying not to conform to it and setting a new standard.

-Linda Khezrie

Walking through the streets you can see people of every shape and size wearing jeans of every color and fit. Whether it’s blue, black, red, or animal print, skinny, boot cut, or boyfriend- everyone’s wearing them. During the 1850’s jeans were the ‘uniforms’ that working men wore. They were durable, ill fitting, and highly unfashionable. Years later denim became “part of a statement, a rejection of postwar suburban society.” All different types of people began wearing jeans as a way of rebelling and showing their individualism.

Today jeans aren’t really a tool for change as they are a fashion statement. Growing up in a Jewish community I attended a Jewish school with a strict dress code. We were only allowed to wear skirts that covered our knees, and shirts that covered our collarbones and elbows. On the weekends and anytime we weren’t in school we wore whatever we wanted, which usually meant jeans. Jeans represented a small freedom we had outside of school. We could look like everyone else and be comfortable as well. In school we all dressed the same, spoke the same, and looked the same. When the weekend rolled around and we put on out jeans we were allowed to express ourselves through fashion. Jeans represented a form of individuality for me just as they did for many people in the 19thcentury.

-Linda Khezrie

These photographs depict technological determinism. Technological determinism is a theory that says that technology is what drives a society’s social system and values. When looking at this trio of pictures i immediately recognized the technological aspect. During the rise of print the newfound access to the written word, the printing press, and mass production completely changed society. Today, as seen in the pictures, new technology such as Twitter, cellphones, and Facebook also changed society.

-Linda Khezrie