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Over many decades now, jeans have become a big statement in fashion. During the 1970’s until the 90’s people enjoyed wearing the baggy style of jeans until now. Now a days people have showed the interest in colored skinny, boot cut jeans. As I look back to the way my jeans were when I was little until now it is pretty shocking. I never thought of looking back to the way I dressed until I was asked to write about it. I started off wearing the overall jeans with flower patterns on them. Back then I liked it but if I were to wear them now, its a big no no. Why? Because it is no longer in style, and I don’t usually like to make myself observed. In junior high and high school I became more interested in reading and buying more magazines to see the different styles. Sometimes now I still buy and wear what I used to like even though I’m growing up to wear more sophisticated suit pants and colored skinny jeans. But during high school years I loved the Brazilian jeans without pockets, they made my legs look longer and they were so comfortable like sweats in a way because many were made to stretch to the shape of the body.

So as you can see after decades of different styles of jeans, different people wear different jeans according to the year and fashion. My style went from cheap GAP overalls to Colored skinny jeans that cost a lot more then I can sometimes afford but the good thing about it is that I can wear them anytime to different occasions. History of jeans shows a lot throughout the way our parents used to dress in pictures until now with the way we dress. My Question is how how jeans will be in 10 more years from now?


The picture represents pamphleteering. This man is handing out different advertisement in the city to attract people. By doing so he can get people to do as what he asks. This has been the way for many centuries now , to get to people different ideas and to attract people to anything they ask for. People have used the term pamphleteer many years ago, when they didn’t have television or radios to get peoples attention through. The writer tries to spread his opinions, to get others to vote like in elections or surveys.


-Nicole Hutanu-

Frederick Douglass, Frankie Mae and Jose Yglesius had many struggles in their lives. Frederick Douglas was a slave, Frankie Mae was a African American that was discriminated by others and Jose Yglesius who was a hard working cigar maker. They were all hard workers for what they wanted to achieve.

In Douglas’ story he was a slave that lived in Baltimore his owner was Mr. & Mrs. Hugh. His wife had tried to teach Douglas at a young age to learn the English alphabet. Once Mr.Hugh heard as to what she was doing he was in great disappointment and rejected the idea of her teaching Douglas the slave to read and write for his own sake. Douglas realized what he can do if he can read and argued that. He kept thinking that if it was possible he would be able to get rid of his slavery life style. Even though he wasn’t allowed to read he made it possible to do so on his free time.

For Frankie Mae, she was a cheerful girl. She enjoyed going to school and learning her numbers.She even ended up proving her owner wrong with the knowledge she learned in school. But her owner still put her down and made her believe she was nothing and wrong. She had many children at a young age and still went to school until she died giving birth to her 5th child. She was still being inspired by knowledge even though she was treated the way she was as a discriminated slave.

Finally for Jose Yglesius, this happened during the Great Depression. The cigar makers were getting paid to little for the amount of work they put in to make the cigars for people. During the Great Depression many workers went on strike. The strike called ‘Huelga de los lectores’ lasted for about 3 months. The workers than went back to work because they realized that they all need the money or else everything in their lives will go even worse than it already is especially because they couldn’t change anything for the money they were getting.

So in the end as you have read every main character had realized they can achieve a goal in their lives if they learned to do something. Just like the students and citizens of New York CIty and others from all over the country that stayed out in the cold weather last year fighting for jobs and the money people need to get. People did this because they/we had realize that we needed more for what we were giving. These people were giving NYC a bad name and when the media realized they can do something more as in using the people they just did so. (As shown here) But we proved what we were trying to say to the world just like these people from the stories did even though it wasn’t as enough.

Good or bad, we all have the right to know.

 Lives change daily, Good or bad.

We all think where do we go from here?

what can we do? but all we can do as of now

is sit back and let the media take control.

What is going on, why are they lying to us, to

the so called free world? Dont we have the

right to know what or who we have become?

I would definitely like to! We become anti-social

even though there is Facebook, or Twitter.

Shouldnt there be something done in the end?

We have the right to KNOW!


-Nicole Hutanu