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Jeans have been playing a significant role since the beginning of times for women and men as well.  As mentioned in the article, “Ends Justify the Jeans” the author mentions how women wearing jeans in the 19th century was an outburst for freedom and liberation. The symbolism behind women wearing jeans was as a means for respect from society and from the male population. It reflected how women had power, also because jeans represented diligent workers who had to go through heavy labor.

Present day, jeans don’t play the role of independence for women as much but more of a style choice. Jeans are used to symbolize the fashion trends and statements going on. Personally, jeans have the effect of showing others who we are and what our “style” is like. Style is a very effective and important tool in showing others how we want to be perceived, our views on life and our daily rituals.

Every day in my life, I see dozens of different girls, like myself, walking around with a variety of different types of jeans on them. However, I started to question the fact that maybe jeans for women are more than just a fashion statement? Maybe, they still do represent that sense of modern freedom and respect for women. I see religious girls walking down the streets and think about their lifestyles. In hassidic jewish women’s’ lifestyle the men are in charge and have control. I feel that since these women only wear skirts that are below their ankles are agreeing to these rituals and customs of allowing men to have all the power. The way they dress is conforming to the fact that jeans show more masculinity and control for women rather than women who wear skirts bringing out their more feminine and passive characteristics.

Growing up wearing jeans all my life and not thinking about the symbolism it stood for really opened my eyes by reading this article. It made me think about what was always present in my life, but never really questioned.

-Polina Isakova




I think that the picture displayed above represents the scribal culture monasteries scriptorium. The word scriptorium is a place for writing. In the olden days people used scriptures to present their thoughts and feelings. It was their form of communication. This photo displays a miniature of Jean Miélot from the 15th century. He was the author of “Miracles de Nostre Dome” clearly in the process of his work in this frame.

-Polina Isakova