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We will show the audience the standpoint from the palestinians and how the war has affected their lives. Furthermore we will try to put forth news on te table that has not been covered in our media as most of the news we hear nowadays is either propaganda or not from a credible source.

We will discuss this further in class


Our goal is to portray a clear example on the benefits of legalizing marijuana, both the pros and cons of its effect on society and its upbringing. Marijuana has shown to stimulate relief of pain that is why you see many people who are either depressed or in pain smoke marijuana. Its a feeling which helps the body forget what is happening around the person. With all the positiveness surrounding marijuana it can also effect a person’s life in negative ways. Growing up I’ve seen marijuana/weed take a toll on many teenagers, they would cut class or whatnot to go smoke a “joint” thus affecting their academic life. It also creates an addiction in which many teenagers think is “cool” to smoke marijuana so they follow others and go along with the flow. Legalizing Marijuana both has the pros and cons and we will show you the affects it brings to society

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Now if you and your significant other always wanted to travel to a nice resort with a nice beach, nice scenery..well you guys just found the perfect getaway. As you can see the couple in the picture are having the time of their life. Now you have a chance to be them just book your tickets now.

Assignment 2


Now if you buy this product you and your kids can have alot of bonding together in this fabulous pool. If you dont have time to take your kids to the beach or pool just get one of these and you'll fulfill their childhood

Now once you buy your kids the pool this is what its going to look like. Dam that sure looks like alot of fun right.
Here we have a clear example of official and unofficial story were the official story is where they show kids having fun in side a pool but once you buy the product barely one child can fit in it.

Ahh isnt this such a nice buffett to go to, master chefs at your finger tips now this is the type of restaurant that catches my attention

what better way to take your loved one to a nice fancy restaurant that looks like this, the pleasure of chefs at your fingertips cooking for you with the best food you can simply have now that is the type of first date you want to take your loved ones too

I suppose its not that bad

sex and jeans


A pair of jeans is something you can wear to a formal event, club, to school or even to sleep in. There just another ordinary article of clothing that provides comfort and style. In Ewen’s article he mentions that back then Jeans was a form of way to bring forth change and to make a statement in society. In the past the Jeans had a great power in society where it was used to make a statement and rally public events. Even though it was a fashion statement back then also but Jeans served many purposes.

Jeans have just played a fashion statement in my life. Ive been rocking jeans every since I can remember from skinny jeans to wearing jeans that looked like bell bottoms. The fact that a pair of jeans can influuence how we want to look and how we want others to perceive us is amazing. Nowadays Jeans is worn by almost everyone its one of societies norms to own a pair of jeans no matter what style it is. When it comes to personal preference Ive always preffered skinny jeans on girls as it bring out all the curves on their body. Even though jeans dont play a political role nowadays as it did back then. It still plays a huge fashion role and how we view certian others. A personal event in my life in which jeans playeda huge role would be when I realized how comfortable skinny jeans were on your legs its like wearing nothing except you cant run as fast and whatnot. The best jeans for girls to wear is without a doubt tight jeans where the curves show its like every guy’s fantasy even though loose baggy jeans are not ‘in” anymore. A pair of jeans provides a great sex symbol in today’s culture as they define how sex and the media shapes our way of thinking and views of fashion


Cave of illusion


Here is a picture where it shows prisoners as they were captured and are being treated like slaves. We can clearly see that the shadow is being cast from the cat and the table as it creates an illusion to the people. I believe this represent a symbolic meaning where the artist wants the viewer to see the misconception of reality and fiction. As the prisoners have been in the cave all their lives they have no idea what is reality and what is not all they see are mere shadows.


he media are they friend or foe

we are often consumed by this mirage

of what is real and what is fake

censorship has taken over our minds

to speak your mind is like a crime

religion, freedom of speech where did it all go

is it too late to know?

can we break free from the chains of brute

or are we forever doomed

questions we often ask ourselves, where has the good gone

maybe within our hearts it maybe forgone