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Jeans are a constantly changing part of society.  There have been various style changes, color skews, designs and even fitting.  The once famous bell bottoms all the way to the hot and now skinny and slim straights.  Jeans have given us so many different images throughout the years it brings about sex appeal, style, expression.  I from personal experience remember the days when baggy jeans were all the craze, and that was the only way guys would come to school, maybe with a little underwear showing from the back.  in Today’s world slim fights and skinny jeans are what all the girls wear of course but even the guys have caught on and as of right now, its working for them.  Then there are the infamous ripped jeans, the idea that people pay 60 plus dollars for jeans with wholes in them might seem preposterous to some but is completely logical to others.  Jeans have come a long way with time, and the styles in which they are worn and displayed are extremely provocative as well as diverse, and will probably continue to be so for many years to come.




The idea misinterpretation goes long and far.  In this case one Sandra Fluke was just trying to make her case that contraception can be very costly for sexually active people, and if it is for health and safety reasons why should it not be covered in our insurance.  This idea does not seem all that far’fetched at first, but then when people like Rush Limbaugh put their incoherent twist on it, it can look like the worst idea to man.  

What does that make her?” he asks. “It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex.”- Rush Limbaugh

This was a simple case of a woman voicing her a opinion on an idea she sought to be valid, but leave it to the conservatives and the media crazy prime time faces such as Limbaugh to jump on this and make it something it is not.  These are the kind of cases that cause for society to stop and think about freedom and the right have a voice for what you believe in.  If were always going to be met with such contempt there is no way our society will flourish nor will we want to make a solid attempt at expressing our opinions. 

 In the world of today anytime you log on to your yahoo or G mail account just about every top story is irrelevant to our lives.  From the Kardashians daily activities to the cat that can sing, there should be a change in the way our online experience is effected with such unnecessary rubbish.  A ban should be purposed on the limit of worthless “top stories” that are posted everytime you log on to your accounts.  In fact they should be replaced with stories that might actually be effecting us in our daily lives, this way we actually have an idea of whats going on in our society and our lives rather than that of others and their pets. 

All three had to face being controlled by an outside force.  Obviously freedom and the right to think for themselves was taken away with the realization that the less they know the better.  Douglas the prime example saw his rights taken away in front of his eyes yet still took chances with overstepping his boundaries and attempting to make change in a world that needed a voice.

Its hard when everything that is yours is not yours anymore and your at the mercy of another.  The goal being as such would be to fight for whats yours, but when your being told that your life is the way it is because its supposed to be that way, then its not as simple as it was the first time around.  The oppressive forces all had control and superior knowledge that was the prime advantage, but knowledge is power and that is the power that Douglas sought out to achieve, to be oppressed no more.


This image to me depicts agricultural capitalism because of the showing of cattle and farm animals and that being the way of life and source of income in certain places for quite a long time now.  The private ownership of farms and land to be self sufficient is the idea but as time has gone on changes threaten this type of lifestyle.  It was the way of life for many but as time goes on changes are coming.  It is a way of life for those who wish to be their own master and commander.

It’s hard to believe that I didnt know you but a week ago

Now its like your my hero I know all about you your my favorite show

You turned things around bought us back put us on that winning flow

How you did it where you came from doesn’t matter just keep dishing

Television trash tube and trains your a subliminal message

I get hype I have not felt since over a year ago just keep linning

Media has taken from you your peace of mind its about to get real gory

t least you can bank on one thing you really are a LINderella story

Do me a favor and make it work with Melo this country wont let it go

I’m liking the new pad thinking about sleeping on the couch? Thats a NO NO