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The K.I.N.D. Foundation

It stands for  Kids In Need of Desks. Basically it’s to help fund desks for children in Malawi. Most of these children have to sit on a dirt floor for hours while they are at school. The dull pain and lack of attention it causes, hinders those students from learning something that could spark their interest. I never realized how much a desk can make such a difference in a student’s life. A certain youtuber describes the cause in a more eloquent way than I could ever hope to below:


As I read “The Ends Justify the Jeans” and reflected on the jeans in my history, I noticed a parallel. In the 1850s jeans were “loose and ill-fitting” and in the sixties they were a “feminist weapon against restrictive fashion, sexual objectification, passive feminity.” During my middle and most of high school school years, I wore my jeans loose and a size or two too big because I did not want to resemble most of the females  I saw.

They would wear form fitting jeans and get objectified by the males near them in the form of obnoxious calls or comments. For some reason most of those girls liked the attention they were getting and wore more provocative clothing. I associated jeans that show off your figure with foolish girls who wanted male attention.  Later on I started to think differently. Skinny jeans were everywhere and my peers continuously teased me for not being in style. I finally bought a pair to see what the fuss was about and wearing them did not make me foolish. My knowledge didn’t drop and I didn’t immediately start to act like the females I ignored.  Instead, I felt prettier. I came to the conclusion that as long as I was not uncomfortable, mainstream fashion wasn’t so bad.  I now own so many jeans that my younger self would be disappointed, but I was pretty closed minded. I thought that you couldn’t fret over your appearance and be smart too and I prided myself on my intelligence. Now I know better and don’t judge as much. My taste in jeans has shown how I have grown and, maybe, will continue to do so.

I think this image represents Lilith. Lilith considers herself equal with Adam and refuses to be below him. The picture shows a council of some sort attended completely by males. The women form their own council next to the men’s council . The women seem to have their own leader who I feel is Lilith. The women created their own council to rival the men’s. In the bottom of the image there is even a fallen male which shows female superiority.

                                   – Vanessa Lopez

Go online and check my email,
see if any homework’s due;
Read some articles, look at some gifs,
then find something else to do.
Go on tumblr, maybe facebook,
a comment here and a few likes there.
“Hey,check out this video on youtube!
You’re gonna laugh at this, I swear”
So many things to do and see, 
I think I’ll just go back to sleep.

-Vanessa Lopez (008)