Exquisite Corpse Poem

What they call reality

is dubious to me.

Where are the facts,

the fantasies-to-be?

Brashly well known,

and stretched quite thin,

underdogs outspoken,

set a general tone.

Evil cigar makers and big bad men,

destroy human spirit,

and are demonic,

nine times out of ten.

I believe what is true,

and reject what is real.

Reality is what they are feeding you,

Bon Appetit.


They control what we see, hear, and read

So that even our reality falls prey to censorship

The media we trust as our prime source of information

Becomes a world of manipulation

Altering our mind and all we thought was real

An inconsistent world where sex and violence is endorsed

But labels the man crazy if he dare speak up

Where Occupy can be found on the inside pages

But coverage of Hollywood’s elite makes headlines

A world that assures you are better off home

Giving all of your attention to the man on the screen


-Nour Saudi (008)

The Rape us by taking the things we value

Altering our mind and all we thought was real

What exactly must I do to be as beautiful as you?

My face in my palm and fingertips on hips that I wish could become mine

As I flip through thin pages that crumple in my hand it becomes clear that we are not so different

In the hands of our maker we were created all the same

Beauty can come in so many different ways

Its probably their fault that we even picture ourselves this way

I’ve been on this earth for quite some time

And I’ve learned to love your differences, as well as mine

Lives change daily, good or bad

Sometimes happy, sometimes sad

Music makes us dance

While watching TV puts us in a trance

Pictures spread smiles

While newspaper ads spread for miles

Run away from your life to a movie theatre

While books turn our minds into the ultimate creator

Media surrounds us its hard to escape

It’s as if were experiencing virtual rape

Sari Ades (008)



Sit back and let the media take control? No!

I no longer want to let the invisible hands of society

be the hand that decides which step I take

which outfit i buy, or what food I eat

I want to be my own person, I want to be my own.

I am being swallowed up by the pressures of this world and

I am being spit out into the bowl of “status quo”

Well there is an escape button no one pays attention to

Media infects our vision, our hearing, our thinking

It causes us to think according to its perception

But its enemy, is its friend.

We can think on our own, we can see for ourselves, we can hear on our own.

That my friend, is how we conform no more.

Good or bad, we all have the right to know.

 Lives change daily, Good or bad.

We all think where do we go from here?

what can we do? but all we can do as of now

is sit back and let the media take control.

What is going on, why are they lying to us, to

the so called free world? Dont we have the

right to know what or who we have become?

I would definitely like to! We become anti-social

even though there is Facebook, or Twitter.

Shouldnt there be something done in the end?

We have the right to KNOW!


-Nicole Hutanu

I hope you enjoy your new tv.

There’s one in every home, surrounding every family.

Reality, news, and whatever else you can think of engulfs your attention.

The computer screen connects all, in case I forget to mention.

Nothing can escape the media these days.

Changing each and every generation in numerous ways.

Media is power, there’s no way to stop it,

Forever will our minds be controlled, they locked it.

There’s no escape from this higher power,

We will forever be surrounded by it each hour.

Media will capture your minds, without an escape route.

– Jaida Samuels