A general strike is a strike action by a critical mass of the labour force aimed at extracting concessions by paralyzing the economy of a city, region, or country.

The two major general strikes in American history are the Seattle General Strike of 1919 and the Oakland General Strike of 1946. In 1919, the workers of Seattle began the strike to gain higher wages and engaged in a three-day mass action calling all city workers onto the streets. This was the first citywide collective action in American history known as a general strike.

I think that people decide to go to strike because they want to have a choice for an alternative, which is better wage, better working condition etc.. The action like a general strike is an option for the labor to expect what they want, and give a chance to make it happen.

General strike is a group action, and more effective than actions by individuals, because group actions can give more influence to someone who those group actions are taken against. However, individual actions could give a similar influence if those actions are conducted under certain circumstances. An example is self-improvement of Benjamin Franklin which we studied at the class. His idea of self-improvement extended to America, and helped the people to think to live in the better life. The world he occupied was to guide the people improve the work and the life. The strike is one of the way to guide the people improve the work and the life like his self-improvement. From long time ago to now days, people have desire to live nicer, but they didn’t know what to do. If they have some guide to make them lead, they can have power to be. When I worked at the company 15 years ago, the Union led us to make better life. I was very young at that time, so I didn’t know why the Union exists in the bank? For what? However, now I know the reason why it exists and they gave us the chance to make movement for our better life.

 Only one person can’t make the General Strike, however, the specific guiding principle must lead something better by group.  Those three strike image are all different types such as illustration, photo, and words,  however, all three give us the emotion that we feel to need to do something. The way as strike, which is refusal of working, seems to do nothing, but it definitely the action to make the employer to do something. Sometimes, in the society, we don’t realize the truth, which are hard for workers, but I realize when the strike is held, and I face the inconvenient life. I’d like to participate in the strike, because I want to advocate what I want. The action I make would not buy nor use the things as one of consumers.


Research, hard evidence to support our case

Interviews – We will be interviewing students and parents about their views of the education system.
For instance, one question would be
To a student:  “What is the current goal of most of your classes”?
To a parent: “How inspirational do you feel your child’s courses are towards them efficiently learning?”
We are narrowing down interviews to family and friends in the NY public school system.

Surveys – We will survey all public school students and parents we know on aimed issues, topics and questions to gather information, opinions, and show how many people are really concerned with the education system.

Campaigning, raising awareness by presenting facts & opinions for change

Pamphlets –
We will be handing out pamphlets to parents select Middle Schools in Bronx (Jaida & Vanessa) Brooklyn (Nour) and Queens (Geetanjali) after school dismisses students around 2-4 pm.
We hope this will help to reach various areas and activate reform.
Our goal is to raise awareness to parents that they are not alone when it comes to critiquing the education system and that they should be the ones to get involved toward change.
We want to raise awareness in middle school mostly for various reasons.
1- Parents are students are usually proactive together at this stage. In other words both parents and students would have opinions that matter on the education system, rather than just involved parents in elementary school, or overbearing, highly bias, opinionated high school students.
2- This is a critical time for most teens where they need to be inspired, influenced in the right way and develop interests through education.
3- This is a specific and targeting audience to enhance chances of change.

We will be reaching out to NYBOE and DEP through e-mail or phone calls to state our concerns and rebuttals about the current education system.

                 – PTA – We will inform the PTA of select schools through online sources or phone calls of our campaign to see if they are interested in spreading awareness and rooting for reform.

Our campaign will be documented by a slideshow with captions.

~ Geetanjali, Vanessa Lopez, Jaida Samuels, Nour Saudi

I have two kids who are G5, and G7. I concerned about their heath everyday. I always wonder if they have enough nutrition or not, and I also wonder if I give them high-colories foods or not. In the town, there are lot of fast food shops where kids like. When we go out for shopping, it’s so easy for me to eat out, and kids are also happy to eat at fast food shop. However, I know it’s not good for health of kids, so I always realize I should stop to go there, and I have to teach my kids to eat right way.

In my country, Japan, every public schools have some dietitian. Their job is to calculate the lunch calories and make the school lunch menus with the heathy foods  everyday. We,  parents, get the menu once a week, and can check what kids eat, and how much calories they have everyday at school. Even parents have some chance to eat and check what they are eating at school in the school curriculum once a term. In this country, I don’t see the system I can check. So it’s all depend on the kids and parents. I strongly believe the kids are taught what is good foods for health or bad by adults. They have to learn and protect their health by themselves for their future.

Haruyo Morikuni

As children reach adolescence they start to become aware of their own bodies and how others relate to them. The issue of obesity in America has been a growing one especially because unhealthy food is much more affordable.  Junior high school to high school should be a time where students are seasoned to succeed in the “real” world. Gym and health classes are not taken seriously and the health of today’s generation continues to decline rapidly. The standard of school food is at an all time low and while students are expected to perform as best they can their bodies are not being taken care of. Students can’t be forced to NOT buy junk from local stores, but by educating them on the importance of healthy foods students may be less inclined to purchase junk foods. Childhood obesity not only ruins the bodies of these children but most importantly their mind. Social skills and class performance can suffer due to a lack in confidence and can lead to depression. Both health classes and more aggressive exercise alternatives need to be established and being that bullying is an ongoing problem students struggling with their weight should be taken seriously. Though students may not find interest in rigorous workout sessions, dance classes, yoga, or sports can spark an interest; proving staying healthy can be fun.

Alverneq Lindsay

Group: Monika, Abe,Tina

Worldwide, tobacco is one of the most prominent causes of preventable death. If we continue on our current path this poison will contribute to deaths of all ages exponentially. Sadly this is the effect, whether a person is a smoker or not, due to the harmful effects of second hand smoke that we are all aware of.
I believe just as companies target the younger generation in ads for sales, targeting them in no- smoking ads can also be effective.
I also believe this method would work best because I know it is hard to quit something that you have already experienced.
For instance, I am and was a vegetarian all my life, so I do not have any urge to try meat nor do I miss it. When I see people around me ,even just trying to fast for a period of time, let alone become a vegetarian for personal reasons, it is a struggle. So if we can persuade children to not even try a cigarette we can make progress.
Recently there has been a ban on smoking in  NYC public outdoor spaces and I have seen notices up around Hunter saying that smoking on campus even if its outdoors is prohibited.
Watching that video brought me rage. Even in the year 2011 someone has the ignorance to say “smoking outside, your not hurting anyone”. Has this person ever heard of second hand smoke?
Just as a smoker has the right to smoke a person walking in a public area has the right to breath in clean air.
Even with all of the steps taken to prevent smoking, as I am walking to school, even in to the doors of Hunter  I always get a whiff of tobacco smoke. And I can’t get away from it, it is the city, congested and packed, we both have to get somewhere by the same path so there really is no escape.
This presents a greater problem for me in the Spring, allergy season. I am so sensitive to smell during this time that even  if a person who was smoking before they got a train entered my cart I would start tearing and my chest would tighten up. It is a horrible feeling and it even surprises me that it happens so easily.
Non-smokers are concerned for their own health and the health of others, including smokers. Campaigning to save ones health will never be a bad, selfish, or in-useful  thing.
Also, so many people die for reasons that we cannot prevent and by dieases we have no cure for, and we all morn them and support institutions to help situations like these such a breast cancer. But here we have a completely preventable issue and we can not even have the decency to obey the law for the sake of it, and other peoples health.
The only way I see to successfully change the way the world views tobacco is by is by bypassing the arrogant old folks who are set in their bad habits and influence children to take the high road.
NYC Outdoor smoking ban begins
NY Times: Smoking Ban
~G. Belpat

By now, most Americans are aware that a majority of Americans are afflicted with obesity and other related health problems. Often, people believe that the solution is quite simple: make healthier food choices. Take these anti-obesity ads, for instance. The implication of these ads is that parents “don’t care” enough to feed their children properly. Furthermore, children who opt for junk food are at fault for their health issues. Essentially, obesity is a personal matter which can be solved by making better choices, self-control, etc.

However, I don’t believe that people do not know that a piece of fruit is healthier than a bar of chocolate.  Indeed, it does not take a nutritionist with a P.H.D. to figure out that eat three meals a day at McDonald’s, 7 days a week, is not healthy. In other words, the problem is not lack of education or simply personal preference.  Rather, some Americans choose to eat unhealthy foods because they have no other option. For instance, the healthiest foods – such as organic, gluten-free, grass-fed meat, etc – are too expensive for many Americans to afford. Furthermore, many NYC neighborhoods (typically low-income) do not have grocery stores within walking distance, which make it difficult for elderly and those without cars to gain access to things as simple as fruit. In addition, street after street is often laden with fast-food restaurants, convenient stores, food carts, etc., which sell greasy foods with high sugar and fat contents. Ultimately, while it may be true that individual choice is a factor in today’s obesity epidemic, I contend that structural problems also contribute to growing rate of obese Americans. Therefore, I would like to raise awareness about the problem of unequal access to healthy foods.

Groups Members: Alverneq, Monika, Abe

Parachute cut. Baggy cut. Straight cut. Skinny cut. Super skinny cut. For the past 2 decades of my existence, this has been the development of denim. The more fashion develops, the slimmer denim becomes. I remember that when I was little, jeans we’re ONLY for hanging out. God forbid I wear jeans to church, or to a funeral, or to a wedding, my mother would rip them off of me and strangle me to death. She thought of them as tacky, and disrespectful in an elegant environment. Truth is, most of that generation had the same mindset as my mother. Many of my elders would agree and also hang me with a denim noose.

I think of all of my denim as a “genie in a bottle”. They are my go-to pairs of bottoms. If I am lazy, I throw on my jeans. If I am running to the store, I throw on my jeans. If I am hanging out in the city, I throw on my jeans. They are just so comfortable. Especially after they break in, it feels like I’m running around bottomless! (Sorry for the image).

Time and trends are respecters of no one. In the past few years, denim has grown on people. It seems as if literally over night, denim became dressy. In my teenage super rebellious years I decided to wear jeans to church. (I know, I know. I was a real rebel). But it seemed that everyone else was doing the same. People started to wear jeans with graphic tees and threw on a blazer over it. BAM! DRESSY! Men wore button downs with jeans and shoes. BAM! DRESSY! Women wore jeans, a blouse and heels. BAM! DRESSY! I didn’t start anything. Society changed together. We collectively and sub-consciously permitted denim to enter the category of “dressy”. The funny thing is, the lower and working class have been doing it since jeans we’re invented. It always seems to take forever for the upper class to catch up.

Abraham Ariel Vazquez