The Key is to Picture It

This image is of Technological Determinism. This theory states, in a nutshell, that a society’s cultural values and social structure depends on the advancement of that society’s technology. Personally I don’t believe this to be completely true, while technology has a huge impact on society and helps society advance it does not mean technology controls all of our cultural values as this theory seems to suggest. I think cultural values come from many other sources such as religion, music, art, etc. but technology simply makes these things easier to access.

Hector (008)


Looking through the keywords on the blog I believe these two pictures sent to me from my partner represent “Post World War II America: Suburbs and Consumerism as a way of life.”After the end of World War II in 1945, many American soldiers returned home very eager to spend because the lack of consumer goods during the war. The post World War II baby boom era was beginning and many young couples were getting married and having plenty of children. Federal programs such as the G.I. Bill of Rights allowed many young families to purchase their own homes in rapidly expanding suburbs.

Rise of American Consumerism

Faizan Mahmood (008)

I believe that this picture represents Mobile Wealth, Mobile Poverty. The young boy in this photo seems to be playing with a cellphone shaped rock. . Although this boy seems to know how a cellphone looks and works he is not on a real phone. That is why I believe The photo represents Mobile poverty. We take what we have for granted and act like we would not be able to survive without our cellphone or computers but many people around the world still have to deal with not having the privileges we have everyday.

Gabrielle Pineo section 008

I think this image represents Lilith. Lilith considers herself equal with Adam and refuses to be below him. The picture shows a council of some sort attended completely by males. The women form their own council next to the men’s council . The women seem to have their own leader who I feel is Lilith. The women created their own council to rival the men’s. In the bottom of the image there is even a fallen male which shows female superiority.

                                   – Vanessa Lopez

I think this picture of image is Latin, official Language of Church, because the King James of England (the person of image) was the one who sponsored the translation of the Bible. In 1604, Kind James authorized that a new translation of the bible into English be started. The Authorized Version or King James Version, quickly became the standard for English-speaking Protestant. Its flowing language and prose rhythm has had a profound influence on the literature of the past 300 years. Thus I think the image of this picture is related Latin, official language of Church.

This map shows the split of the Church in Europe.
Lutheran corresponds to Martin Luther.
Calvinist corresponds to John Calvin.
Both men were iconic figures of the Protestant Reformation.
The Protestant Reformation was a 16th-century
religious movement  that began as an attempt to reform the Roman Catholic Church but instead led to the creation of Protestant churches.

~G. Belpat

This picture, in my opinion, is a reflection of “access and interpretation”. The book on the left is the Qu’ran, and the book on the right is the Bible. It is interesting to not that these books are both the same width, size, and thickness. It seems as these books are “butting heads” with each other.

The way this represents access and interpretation is that today, these two books are highly accessible. Anyone with money, or with no money, can get access to the books. The difference between these two books are their interpretation. Each book claim’s to be the verbatim words of God. Not only does religion interpret God’s words differently, but the reader also make their own interpretation as well. People interpret their readings in a way which reflects their circumstance.